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DXP is the Future

Customer experience is inseparable from your digital experience. In such an environment, how do you consistently deliver a data-based, personalized, and positive customer experience at a scale? 

All too often, customer data remains an untapped treasure stuck in silos across different teams and departments. How do you unleash the full power of your data resources to best reach and convert?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the answer.

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Navigating a digital customer experience

One in three customers will abandon a brand after a single negative experience. Customer expectations are high, and disappointment can be costly. A brand must consistently deliver precisely tailored, engaging content. Customers want to see that the brand remembers them and their preferences. To attract and retain buyers, a brand must meet them where they are. That means delivering personalized content across a variety of their preferred channels. Brands must deliver the best experience throughout every interaction, always aiming to build and enrich the relationship.

But many companies do not have the tools to achieve this, do you?

What is a DXP

A DXP is the next step in the evolution of content management systems. As a set of technologies to analyze customer data, derive engaging, relevant content from it, and create and deliver messages at any interaction of the customer journey – a DXP can work seamlessly across all devices, platforms, and channels where your brand and customers meet. At the heart of every DXP lie two core components: Content and Data. Customer data gives insights into behaviors, preferences, and goals. It informs the content of your digital experience to engage, entertain or influence your audience.

What could your company do if empowered by a DXP and allowed to deliver data-driven content to customers across all relevant channels?

Faster and focused growth

A DXP makes content creation more streamlined and scalable across all channels. With a variety of tools, brands can be empowered to rapidly adapt and deliver according to market and trend changes, turning disruptions into opportunities for meaningful engagement with their audience. Clear governance systems and processes within a DXP will ensure this content meets established consistency and quality standards without requiring significant oversight. The flexibility of content creation implementation allows organizations to take advantage of low code or no code solutions as well as customized headless environments.

Break the impossible triangle. Your team CAN connect with customers better and faster.

Open source DXP = transparent and secure

We at Code Engine Studio have chosen to exclusively work with open source DXPs, specifically Acquia and Liferay. When it comes to Open Source and DXPs the specific benefits that make sense for our customers focus on three areas: Transparency, Security, and Ownership.

Open code allows for quicker adoption of cutting edge technologies and practices as well deeper system integrations without waiting on someone to create or open specific tools to do so. Ability to integrate multiple systems can empower your team to be more collaborative and efficient . Open code is also a security feature as you are not wondering what backdoors may exist in a closed system. Additionally within your instance of an open source system you have the power to make any customizations and adaptation to suit your specific demands.

Embrace the power and flexibility of Open Source to reach your goals.

Now is the time

To sum it up – a DXP speeds up your processes for faster and more precise content or service delivery. A DXP ensures end-to-end control over the content management process. It provides brands with more flexibility and control over their communication at every interaction, all the while mitigating security risks.

If your organization wants to embrace the power of a Digital Experience Platform fully, Code Engine Studio can become a valuable partner on this journey. Over the last decade, we have invested in creating a well-trained and experienced team working with Acquia and Liferay. Our agile teams have extensive experience working directly with both platforms and supporting multiple customers on them. We have been able to guide implementation, migration, upgrade, and expansion projects – at a reasonable cost. We have even contributed to the core code of the products. Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the platforms. We are here to support your team and your organization every step of the way. Take the first one with us today by scheduling an introductory call with us.

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