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Subject Matter Experts

Our partnership with Liferay and our contributions to their products, gives us the support and the deep technical understanding of Liferay and its offerings, to be the preferred APAC implementation partner.

Spearheading Enterprise
Digital Transformations

Enterprises are struggling to manage the impact of having too many disparate and disconnected systems. We help turn mission-critical legacy systems into seamless digital experiences for customers, partners, and employees by applying our own blend of complex problem solving and adaptable agile methodologies through our Liferay trained and qualified team. We are no strangers to enterprise-sized clients and their complex infrastructure and processes. Our strong partnership with Liferay and extensive experience make us the go-to shop in APAC for Liferay implementations for small to enterprise-sized clients.

Liferay Partners

We are proud to partner with Liferay Japan and USA. Our team of certified engineers is trained using official Liferay training materials. We ensure we are up to speed on the latest Liferay technology and standards through actively participating and learning from Liferay’s global network of subject matter experts. With access to the learning experience and know-how of tens of thousands of projects from around the world, we have the knowledge of what it takes to build your product with the highest Liferay standards.

Strategic Partnership

By blending your expertise with our industry-leading practices, we can provide innovative ideas and speed up the time to achieve your strategic solutions. We proactively ask the right questions to understand your unique needs and are committed to transparent communication. As your partners in innovation, we help you to achieve the necessary balance between long-term vision and real-time adaptability and provide customized and realistic solutions for your unique business needs.

Iterative and Incremental

We follow Agile methodologies which are known to be an efficient and effective way to work out complex problems for large-scale systems. This gives us the ability to forge a clear plan of action even when demands and solutions evolve from working with cross-functional teams or due to changes in your goals, audience behaviors, and market demands. Like you, we’re data-driven decision-makers and never stop evolving to achieve your goals.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

We are here to help you rein everything in and ensure a successful outcome. Start a conversation with us about your project needs by sending us a message.

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