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Partnership for transformation

About Veracode

Veracode is a leading global provider of application security solutions, committed to securing the software that powers today’s digital world. As a trusted partner for secure coding practices, Veracode plays a pivotal role in helping organizations mitigate risks and build resilient, secure software environments.

The Challenge

Veracode, a prominent software company and Acquia customer, faced significant challenges in advancing their marketing site’s initiatives, despite receiving platform support from Acquia. The complexities demanded a deeper level of engagement and technical support to overcome hurdles effectively.

Their primary objective was to empower their content creation team to swiftly deploy and modify various content and materials without continuous reliance on development assistance. Also required was maintaining visual flexibility while adhering to industry-standards for responsiveness and accessibility.

Understanding Veracode’s long-term goals, an Acquia account executive recommended finding a certified partner with extensive experience in addressing varied DXP challenges. Consequently, Acquia selected Code Engine Studio for our attentive listening, collaborative approach, expertise in leveraging Acquia CMS and associated tools, and overall trustworthiness in delivering solutions to empower Veracode’s marketing vision.

The Solution

Focusing on identifying underlying issues and aligning with long-term goals, we undertook an extensive audit of Veracode’s system architecture and implemented best practices to address the prevailing challenges.

Subsequently, we devised an action plan aimed at upgrading, maintaining, standardizing, and optimizing Veracode’s content management system. Our efforts extended to cleaning up outdated code, designing more flexible templates, and overall enhancing the system to ensure long-term sustainable success.

Throughout the project, we maintained close collaboration with Veracode’s in-house technical and marketing teams, ensuring a commitment to continuous development cycles. Our involvement extended to improving communication among relevant stakeholders and addressing immediate business needs while maintaining a balance between short-term requirements and long-term strategic objectives.

  • Analyze and audit of the marketing site Acquia implementation and business processes.
  • Enable marketing team to quickly deploy and manage the marketing site with limited development support.
  • Establish a long-term roadmap removing communication barriers, and ensuring consistent long-term development success.
  • Achieved 90% reduction in human errors through fully automated deployment and testing, leading to significant time and cost savings in the development cycle.
  • Significantly improved page loading time by reducing media sizes by 70%.
  • Restructuring the content publishing process reduced time to finish publishing to less than 20 minutes, saving costs and increasing team morale.
Tech Highlights
  • Development: Drupal 10, PHP, Apache, MySQL, Lando, Docker, jQuery, Wepack, Composer, Drush
  • Systems: Acquia (BLT, Pipelines)
  • Products: Cloudflare, Vanish, Memcache, Marketo

“We engaged Code Engine Studio to audit our site, correct bad code, and add new functionality, and they’ve efficiently and effectively delivered better results in faster time than others we’ve worked with. They communicate clearly and keep you on track with well-run project management, and they are some of the nicest people out there. Who could ask for more?”

Scott LenziDirector of Digital Experience

The Result

Following the completion of the audit report, we implemented a transformative plan that revolutionized Veracode’s website by integrating comprehensive system and coding best practices. Our efforts resulted in a streamlined DXP system providing a robust foundation for sustained high performance and empowering their content creation team to swiftly manage their marketing site.

By stepping back to address the big picture and establish a long-term roadmap aligned with business objectives, we laid a stable foundation for consistent long-term development and maintenance. Our approach focused on addressing underlying issues and removing communication barriers among stakeholders, ensuring a clear path and framework to achieve Veracode’s overarching goals.

The success of the initial three-month audit and cleanup phase not only validated our approach but also solidified an extended ongoing partnership as Code Engine Studio became Veracode’s ongoing technical Acquia partner to support their long term vision.

Scott Lenzi

Director of Digital Experience

“Code Engine Studio is a true partner in helping us achieve our site goals. They aren’t just hands-on-the-keys resources, they’re a team of developers that want to understand our business objectives and help define and deliver the best solutions to achieve them.”

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