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Reimagining the website as a platform for civic engagement

About Rappler

Rapple is one of the largest independent news providers of the Philippines with more than 25+ million viewers per month. Through up-to-the-minute stories, conversations, and community engagement, they focus on delivering accurate news to empower and build communities of action for social change and a better Philippines today.

The Challenge

Shifting consumer behaviors, disruptive technologies, and convergence, are driving major transformations and revolutionizing the media industry. Rappler was looking to ramp up new revenue streams, and innovate business models.

As a rapidly evolving news provider, the website and its tools lacked seamless compatibility. Additionally, there were many concerns regarding the performance, speed, and stability of the system, especially in coping with the rapidly growing user base.

The editorial process, spanning from content creation to website publication, proved time-consuming and resource-intensive across various organizational layers. The website’s data lacked structure and consistency, hindering the creation of personalized user experiences.

To achieve those goals and strengthen brand perception, Rappler was looking to develop a modern scalable mobile-first platform for content publication and distribution for a fast-paced media organization.

The Solution

Our engagement began with a comprehensive consultation and analysis of their current processes and platform.

To guide every decision with a data-driven action plan and insights from deep analysis, we kicked off the platform transformation through comprehensive interviews with the agency’s and each department’s key stakeholders. We quickly learned their most urgent needs were to facilitate multi-type content and simplify content management.

We created a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) approved architecture plan, which delivered a cutting-edge solution by implementing advanced architecture into the design of the new content management system (CMS).
In partnership with the client and their external design and data teams, our team developed a comprehensive news delivery platform. The platform serves as a valuable tool for rapidly collecting information about users’ interactions to inform ongoing program enhancements.

  • Create a modern CMS to free up technical staff and empower content creators.
  • Improve technical engagement as well as editorial flow systems and processes for greater consistency and efficiency.
  • Architect and upgrade infrastructure for better performance, scalability, and enhanced security.
  • Establish best practices in data goals and metrics to drive key decision models that adapt to site visitors and increase revenue.
  • Architected for spikes from a few hundred users to tens of thousands within seconds with 99.99% uptime.
  • Streamlined the automated editorial flow for 120+ different writers, editors, and publishers by using simple tools and centralized management, resulting in a 20% quicker publish time.
  • Restructured the website to be mobile first, accommodating 75% of the audience and a thought-out architecture to ensure faster loading time for an optimized user experience.
Tech Highlights
  • Headless, Microservices, PHP, React, NodeJS, Redis
  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform, Google Project Shield & CDN, Kubernetes
  • Products: Google Publisher Tag, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Cloud Storage, Google DataStore, Cxense, Firebase, CyberSource, Elasticsearch, Redis

“Code Engine Studio has set the bar for delivery and customer service as a strategic technology partner. They helped us understand all the implications of our decisions and made sure we didn't pigeon hole ourselves into a place where we couldn't scale our tech.”


The Result

We successfully launched a complete publishing and editorial platform, featuring a robust, optimized, and clean news site capable of engaging millions of users.

Behind the scenes, this platform’s effective and reliable CMS uses the latest technology to facilitate rich media posts and enhance authors’ and editors’ flexibility in using and creating content.

There’s now an improved editorial flow, including automated story submissions and notifications, which adds more consistency, efficiency, and automation, saving valuable time and effort. The demand for tech services related to content creation dramatically decreased thanks to the platform’s high functionality and intuitive design.

Undergoing modernization in both appearance and functionality, the rebuild includes sophisticated analytics to inform and guide data-driven decisions and modern infrastructure to seamlessly manage scaling for spikes in users or cyberattacks, while eliminating the necessity for extensive human intervention and infrastructure cost.

Mia Umamos


“Their work, has been pivotal in our ability to roadmap and quickly expand our user experience to meet ever-changing customer behavior.”

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