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Fueling the Power of Data

About Clickvoyant

Clickvoyant is an AI-enabled digital marketing assistant that connects to your Google Analytics data and surfaces the most valuable insights in less time than it takes you to get a cup of coffee. Their proprietary algorithms combine human expertise, mathematical automation, statistics, and predictive analytics to provide enterprise-style analytics for every business.


The Challenge

Marketing agencies often burn a significant percentage of their analysts time on the development of client analytics reports. Clickvoyant sought to eliminate these inefficiencies by creating a system that would automate the process of delivering numerous-dimension insights from various sets of client analytics data. These insights, created on a data science backbone, help end clients make better data-driven decisions. Clickvoyant had begun an effort on this project but needed a partner like Code Engine Studio to get it across the finish line.

  • Architect and build a custom SaaS with AI integration and custom insights reporting.
  • Integrate fully with Google Analytics while managing data privacy rules such as GDPR.
  • Keep costs down particularly for high priced AI system integrations.


  • Built the MVP in 6 months ready for customer beta, while the previous team wasn’t able to complete it in 18 months.
  • Integrated the SaaS API with Google Analytics systems to produce goal based insights within minutes, with an average business worth up to 3 million dollars, all while staying fully GDPR compliant. The same quality report would require an average analyst 4-12 hours to complete.
  • Dramatically reduced costs of costly AI integrated systems and licensing through strategic system utilization.

“Code Engine Studio has made innovative suggestions that helped us improve our product and they have taken us from concept to market-ready in a few months, without a huge investment in the documentation or extensive meetings on our end.”


The Solution

Clickvoyant turned to the Code Engine Studio team to create momentum and identify gaps. We helped to uncover missing areas for the business and project plans, introduced solutions for user capabilities, workflows, and more. Based on our analysis of data and user experience expectations, we were able to design data structures, create data formats and develop a backend process that allows for the most efficient data flow from analytics sources to Clickvoyant’s reporting algorithms.

Using Clickvoyants proprietary AI, we architected a system that efficiently delivers key insight metrics reports for agencies and their end-users within minutes instead of days.

Tech Highlights

  • Development: NodeJS, React JS, Java, MongoDB
  • Systems: GitHub
  • Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services (AWS), KNIME Server
  • Products: KNIME Analytics Platform, KNIME Extensions, Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics

“They do a great job of getting our tech built for today with an eye on the future. They have been committed to understanding our vision and that's what they are helping us build.”


The Result

Once brought onto the project, Code Engine Studio provided Clickvoyant with a 6-month rapid deployment of a fully functional site that exceeded their expectations. Over 30 key insight metrics are available in the dashboard to build output with over 140 custom reporting options and an export capability into presentation formats. Clickvoyant can now deliver intuitive insight reports built from analytics data that are client-ready and in Microsoft Powerpoint formats for presentations within minutes.

The initial demos of our work were so impressive, they helped Clickvoyant attract new business. CES is currently working on new features requested by Clickvoyant and their customers, and as is the case with all of our long-term client partnerships, we look forward to continue to support this project’s adaptability for new opportunities and growth.

Kate Bartkiewicz, Clickvoyant - Code Engine Studio's Client

Kate Bartkiewicz


“We love having Code Engine Studio as our partners - they truly feel like an extension of our team.”

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