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Asteroid Day

Strategic Synthesis

About Asteroid Day

Asteroid Day is a dynamic awareness and educational program to inspire the world about asteroids. Together with the United Nations, space agencies, schools and universities Asteroid Day is organized by networks of supporters who host events worldwide.


The Challenge

Asteroid Day grew organically but chaotically as there was no previous system in place for organizing the extensive internal and external content that was contributed by the initiative’s collaborators. 

The content was unorganized, redundant, and difficult to manage and the sites also needed a UX strategy. There was no specific or clear user journey for the various types of users, including event organizers, event participants, and media representatives making it difficult for users to find the information they sought such as a calendar of events or media kits. A lack of consistency between multiple internal brands and sites further muddied the site’s clarity and usability. Asteroid Day recognized that expert help would be needed for a complete overhaul of content, branding, and UX to elevate the influence of Asteroid Day’s mission. 

  • Build and migrate six sites into one single site to facilitate simple management and consistent brand representation.
  • Organize and empower hundreds of collaborators to hold local events simply.
  • Improve data driven insights through one centralized analytics and user experience.


  • Saved days of content management effort per month by migrating six different sites with over 2,000 articles, press releases, videos, and podcasts and databases into a single structured resource library.
  • Increased collaborator engagement and total independent events run.
  • Refocused large % of ad and site development spend to areas of need by reallocating budget from low performing areas surfaced through the new combined analytics insights.

“Code Engine Studio is our digital partner in our mission to educate the public about asteroids. From converting our old WordPress sites to setting up the information architecture, to managing our AdWords campaigns, to integrating our visitor data to our Mailchimp accounts, to managing traffic surges during peak times we count on Code Engine Studio.”


The Solution

Code Engine Studio’s Team brought order and efficiency to Asteroid Day’s websites by developing a standardized categorization system that allows the numerous members of the teams to efficiently collaborate on developing and managing their content. We did this by leveraging the client’s existing tools and optimizing them for all parties. By consulting with the project’s brand owners to understand their commonalities and differences, we were able to deliver a design that harmoniously represented all parties.

We also developed an automated tool for collaborators to easily edit, publish and calendarize events. To provide the Asteroid Day Foundation’s team with website user behavior and engagement feedback and to benchmark toward future goals, we rebuilt analytics from six disjointed sub-sites into a single clear representation of user activity.

Tech Highlights

  • Development: PHP, WordPress, MySQL
  • Systems: Gitlab
  • Infrastructure: Flywheel
  • Products: Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics, Google Ads, MailChimp

“As a cloud-based operation we value the transparent billing and project management client-facing tools which keeps our team and their team accountable and on track to hit our production schedules.”


The Result

Our intuitive interface design for Asteroid Day’s website takes visitors on a smooth journey that facilitates user experiences and interactions among international organizers and other users through their online registrations and reporting, and ultimately leading to greater engagement and increased independent events run.

More than 2,000 resources including articles, press releases, videos, and podcasts that were previously hosted on six different sites and databases are now housed in a single structured resource library. The new sustainable content management system makes it easy for the team to collaborate, and they’ve been alleviated from the extensive time and effort their original site required for aggregating and publishing organizers’ event information. And thanks to the new consistency between the brands’ website, their brand recognition has been boosted.



“We would not be able to achieve the global reach we have today without the Code Engine Studio team's breadth of experience and skills.”

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